25 Jan 2016

Why should I read my own meter?

Submitted by Andrew

Regular meter readings are good for you and for us, they help us to make your statements as accurate as possible. At Zog Energy we send monthly statements. For best results we recommend you send us a meter reading for the last day of each month.

When you receive an estimated bill you can always check our estimate with the actual meter reading. If the two readings vary greatly then you may wish to provide us with your reading to be used on your next statement. This has the advantage of:

  • Billing you to a reading based on your actual usage as apposed to an estimate. This may have the effect of reducing fluctuations between actual and estimated statements.
  • Allowing you to have more control over your usage. Monitoring your own readings will allow you to view your usage pattern and identify if any sudden increases occur, rather than having to wait until the next actual reading by a meter reader.

How to provide us with your meter reading

Sending your meter reading online is quick and easy, all you need is your postcode and account number. Why not give it a try.

Click here to enter a meter reading