3 Jan 2015

Prices reduced for 2015

Submitted by Andrew

To help our customers over this expensive time of year we have reduced our prices for both our 12 and 24 month fixed tariffs for new customers. To remind customers what exceptional value our tariffs offer and the service we provide we have highlighted the key tariff features below.

8 Dec 2014

Keep warm this winter

Submitted by Andrew

The Department of Energy and Climate Change, the Energy Saving Trust and Citizens Advice have issued this joint advice:

As the temperature begins to drop, it’s important that we are aware of the best ways to stay warm this winter. By following these simple steps you can stay comfortable and save money on your energy bills:

20 Oct 2014

Santander & Zog Energy

Submitted by Andrew

At Zog our customers are our top priority and our aim is to give them the cheapest energy prices we can. Therefore, on behalf of our customers we have been working hard ​with Santander for you to receive cashback on your direct debit payments. If you pay you direct debit from your Santander 123 account you will now be ​eligible to receive cash back on your payments (payed by Santander). New and existing customers will benefit from these payments from now on.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

25 Jul 2014

Accurate energy bills are an important factor for managing the household finances, especially in these difficult times. Without regular meter readings all energy companies can do is to estimate usage. If more has been used, more than estimated, then this can be a surprise for the customer. Meter reading is one of the most important parts of energy supply. Readings must be reliable and accurate so your bills can be too.

9 May 2014
zog energy comparison switching

The financial website of the year This is MONEY recently conducted an interview with Zog Energy. The article investigates how wording on some comparison websites is designed to mislead. With millions of households using switching sites every year to compare all the energy deals on the market many are unaware that they are not necessarily seeing the full range of deals available.

7 Mar 2014

There are many reasons for choosing Zog Energy: it’s cheap, it’s easy, it won’t bamboozle you with complex offers, your dog is called Zog. Wait, your dog is called Zog ? Sure, why not ? Your dog is called Zog ! Keep him warm all year round with one cheap and simple gas tariff. Go Zog ! Fetch Zog ! Good boy ! Thanks to Soo and Lou for sending in such a great picture of their year old puppy named Zog.

9 Jan 2014
direct debit

At Zog we aim to be as transparent as possible with how we charge. When you join us we look at your previous energy use, add up the total year's cost and split your direct debit into 12 equal monthly payments to cover this.  We don't take any money until after your switching date, so your first direct debit might be more to cover the period from the switching date to your first direct debit.

7 Nov 2013
dual fuel

You would think so from everything you read so we decided to analyse the market to find out. At Zog we are committed to consistently low prices at rates that are considerably cheaper than the larger suppliers. Having checked our tariffs against other suppliers offering dual fuel discount and single fuel electricity prices we have proved that for average usage cheaper prices are still available if you use different suppliers for gas and electricity.