5 Nov 2020
Stay Energy Safe

Energy theft is when somebody tampers with a gas or electricity meter or it’s connections so that it does not properly record the energy used. This is illegal and can be very dangerous.

A tampered electricity meter can cause short circuiting, fires and potentially fatal electric shocks, while a tampered gas meter can result in leaks and gas explosions. This could present a risk to you and those around you. 

28 Jul 2016

We are in the Future 50

Submitted by Andrew
Future 50

Zog Energy is proud to announce that it has been accepted onto the Future 50 Business Growth Programme. Future 50 is designed to recognise the most innovative companies and find the 'ones to watch' to accelerate their growth ambitions. Members are individuals and companies that are creating jobs, growing at a faster rate than others and have the drive and ambition needed to be leaders in their sector.

3 Jun 2016

First for customer service

Submitted by Andrew

A big thanks to all our customers that voted in the recent Martin Lewis energy supplier poll. To see the results click here.

"Zog Energy turns up the heat on the big boys. The small energy firm took the gold medal in last week's poll on energy providers' customer service, with 97% of those voting for it rating its service 'great'. "

26 Apr 2016

Tech Nation 2016

Submitted by Andrew
Tech Nation 2016

We are proud to be highlighted in this year’s report, we were especially pleased to see the continuing development of Ipswich as a Tech City Cluster and the launch of Tech East.

Launched in Shoreditch five years ago, Tech City UK is a non-profit organisation supporting tech growth and innovation across the country. They produce annual reports on the state of tech business in cities across the UK. The Tech Nation Report 2016.

25 Jan 2016

Regular meter readings are good for you and for us, they help us to make your statements as accurate as possible. At Zog Energy we send monthly statements. For best results we recommend you send us a meter reading for the last day of each month.

When you receive an estimated bill you can always check our estimate with the actual meter reading. If the two readings vary greatly then you may wish to provide us with your reading to be used on your next statement. This has the advantage of: