25 Jul 2014

The importance of meter readings

Submitted by Andrew

Accurate energy bills are an important factor for managing the household finances, especially in these difficult times. Without regular meter readings all energy companies can do is to estimate usage. If more has been used, more than estimated, then this can be a surprise for the customer. Meter reading is one of the most important parts of energy supply. Readings must be reliable and accurate so your bills can be too.

As part of the change of supplier process you will be asked to provide a meter reading close to your switching date. This reading will be used by your old supplier for your final bill and by Zog for your account opening reading. If a reading is not provided the central gas systems will estimate a reading on your behalf, this could be different from your actual reading. This is not necessarily a problem as this will be corrected by providing an actual meter reading to bring you usage back in line. If you would like us to agree a replacement opening read with your old supplier please feel free to contact us and will we contact you old supplier on your behalf.

At Zog we recommend that a reading is entered on the last day of each month. This will then be used on your statement which allows us to make sure your balance is as accurate as possible on your next statement.

One last point, don’t get confused between meters, we know it’s easy to do. Make sure you enter your electricity and gas reading in the correct boxes and with the correct suppliers.