About Us

Zog Energy is a domestic energy supply company started by two double Queen’s Award winning entrepreneurs.

Zog's founders wanted to find the best energy solution for their own families and realised how difficult it is to work out the best rate amongst the big six providers. This made them think what they would do if they ran their own energy company. This is why Zog offers a transparent tariff which is easy to understand and which they hope will appeal to domestic consumers.

The sole purpose of Zog is to provide its customers with the best possible value energy. To achieve this the company keeps its running costs as low as possible. Using their specialist knowledge of the software industry the founders have invested in the best value technology available to keep costs down. They use cloud computing and efficient customer service management systems. Having low overheads and nobody else to answer to, they can create great deals for their customers.

Zog is starting with gas because this is normally the highest proportion of domestic customers' annual fuel bill. The majority of customers in the UK are still stuck on old tariffs which do not give them the lowest price. Zog aims to help people save money by offering the most competitive prices possible and making it easy with a quick and simple switchover process.